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BBB warns to be aware of your contractor

BBB warns to be aware of your contractor

St. Louis, Missouri property owners have been conned out of thousands of dollars from a company called Expert Roofing and an individual calling himself Sam, Sammy, Sam Miller, Allen Ely or Samuel Ely. Expert Roofing is using a white GMC Sierra truck with a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation sticker, even though they are not accredited at the BBB. The BBB in St. Louis has given Expert Roofing an F rating and confirmed that there is no company at the addresses that Expert Roofing is using. Expert Roofing is not returning calls.

In addition to using the BBB sticker that they are not authorized to use, Expert Roofing also has a label on the side of their truck of Expert Roofing in Topeka, Kansas, which they should not be using. The Topeka, Kansas Company is not related to Expert Roofing in St. Louis.

Expert Roofing has been reported to spray paint some sort of chemical on a leak rather than fixing the leak after being paid $2,000. The roof is still leaking. Another business owner paid $7,500 for Expert Roofing to repair her leaking roof, only to have Expert Roof sent an employee who shoveled rock off of the flat roof and then leaving, with no repair work done. Another roof still leaking. Another couple paid Expert Roofing $1,150 to fix a leaking roof on their rental property only to find it still leaking. Another woman paid them $700 to repair her roof, only to find they sprayed it with a silver chemical and it actually is leaking worse. One woman says Expert Roofing even intimidated her into giving them $100 to remove dents in her car in a parking lot and then left without doing anything.

What to look for when hiring a roofing contractor

Before paying money to a roofing contractor look for the following:

•Never pay everything in advance. Typically pay part when signing the contract, a payment halfway and the last payment after completion

•Pay by credit card rather than cash or a check so you have the credit company to help you if you have a problem with the payment

•Check if they are members of your local BBB

•Ask for and contact references

•Get a signed contract before paying any money that specifies the project, the completion dates and  exactly what happens if either one of you back out of the contract

•Ask for bond and insurance from the contractor

•Get lien waivers from the contractor that states materials and workers are paid by the contractor.

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Should you file that insurance claim for roof damage?

Should you file that insurance claim for roof damage?

Many homeowners have asked the question, “Is it worth filing a claim with my insurance company to get my roof repaired?” There’s no one easy answer to this question. The truth is it depends on several factors.

What will the insurance company cover?

Before filing a claim with your insurance company, you should read over your policy carefully to see how much the insurance company will cover and how much you will need to pay. Some policies prorate the amount they’ll pay out based on the expected lifetime of the roof. For example, if you’ve got a roof rated for 30 years and you’ve had it for 20, they might only pay a third of what it’s going to cost to repair the roof. You also need to see what your policy says about the deductible. If it’s a high deductible you may end up paying for the repairs out-of-pocket even after filing a claim. If the deductible is low enough and your insurance company will cover a large portion of the repairs, than it’s worth filing a claim. After all, that’s why you’ve been paying an insurance premium all these years.

How extensive is the damage?

Another factor to consider is how extensive the damage to your roof is. If you’re too quick to file a claim every time there’s the slightest damage to your roof, your insurance company may drop you as a customer or raise your premium. This rarely happens after filing a single claim but is likely to happen if you file more than one claim in a 2 or 3 year period. For minor damage, it may be better to just pay out-of-pocket rather than involving your insurance company.

When did you last file a claim?

As already mentioned, your insurance company can drop you as a customer or raise your premium if you file too many claims in a short period of time. When it comes to roof damage, you need to weigh the costs if you’ve already filed another claim recently. If the damage is relatively small and you’ve already filed a claim in the last couple of years, you may decide to pay for the repairs yourself. Whether you’ve filed a claim recently or not, you may still decide to file a claim if the damage is extensive and your insurance company will be paying for most of the repairs.

Talk to your insurance agent

It’s a good idea to call up your insurance company and talk to an agent about any concerns you have and to ask any questions about your policy and your coverage. Once you’ve got the go ahead, you can call up some roofers and get some estimates for making the needed repairs.

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Taking Care of Your Roof

Taking Care of Your Roof

In order for your roof to last, it requires just as much maintenance and care as the rest of your home.  Most homeowners are unaware of how important it is to regularly maintain a roof.  Roofs are built to last, and homeowners like to trust that roofs will last forever.  While they can last quite a while, unfortunately they will not live forever, and if you want to avoid major home damage, it is vital to take care of your roof. Here are a few tips for maintaining the roof of your home.  

Interior roof maintenance

When your roof is installed, make sure it is properly insulated.  Monitor the project, and watch for any small areas where you can see light shining from the outside.  Even if the insulation is enough to keep out moisture, pests will always find a way into the home if they are given the slightest chance.  Once your roof is installed, take a walk through your attic every once in a while, checking for signs of pests or of areas that could become a problem if they are not fixed right away.  One way to know if there is major damage to your roof from the inside is by watching for sagging areas or dark spots according to Max Real Estate Exposure.  Of course, you want to take care of any problems that would lead up to these signs right away.  

Exterior roof maintenance

At least after every season change you should check your roof for damage that could lead to bigger and more expensive problems.  If it is too dangerous to climb onto the roof, use binoculars to check for damage.  Look for any areas where moisture is building up as that could lead to leaks or mold problems.  If you have a shingled roof, check for missing, cracked or lifting shingles that need to be replaced.  Check around the chimney and other vents for wearing that needs to be repaired in order for your home to be properly ventilated.  Catching minor problems in advance will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in major repairs.  

Calling a contractor

It is not uncommon for homeowners to have to hire a roof contractor to repair their roof, even if the damage is not major.  If you notice a problem that you could fix on your own, but it is not safe for you to do so, call a contractor as they are trained and have the right gear to make sure the repairs are done safely.  Obviously if you notice leaking, you should call a contractor to check it out and fix any problems.  

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Four tips to hire an honest roofer

Four tips to hire an honest roofer

Hiring a roofer you can trust is crucial to the overall quality of your roofing system. Whether you’re having your entire roof replaced or you’re just having a few damaged areas patched up, it’s crucial that you can trust the roofer doing your work. The last thing you want when it comes to getting roofing work done is to have some out-of-town roofer do a little work and then disappear with your money and without completing the job.

Here are four tips you should follow to make sure that the roofer you hire is one you can trust.

1.Get several estimates. Though you may end up hiring the first roofer you speak with, it’s always a good idea to get a few estimates to begin with. Many homeowners have a tendency to hire the first roofer who gives them an affordable quote. But if you’re only getting one quote, you have nothing to compare it to. Don’t be afraid to ask several roofers for a quote even though it will mean having to say “no” to all but one of them. An honest roofer won’t resort to scare tactics in order to get a job.

2.Do your homework. You should never enter into any kind of contract with a roofer without doing a little investigative work. A great resource to go to is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your area. They keep tabs on all of the local businesses and keep a record of all complaints filed against a company. Keep in mind that even the most reputable roofers may have some complaints filed against them. What you want to pay attention to is the roofer’s track record when it comes to handling these complaints in a timely manner. If a roofer has a lot of unresolved complaints against them, hire someone else.

3.Make sure everything is done by the book. Contractors are heavily regulated by the local government to keep residents safe from unscrupulous contractors. An honest roofer will have a license to do roofing work in your community. An honest roofer will gladly provide you with proof of insurance and will also take care of getting the proper permits to do the work. You should be wary of a contractor who is hesitant to show you a license or proof of insurance.

4.Hire local. Finally, and most importantly, make sure the roofer you hire is local. Fly-by-night roofers, or storm-chasers, may come through your town after a big storm offering their services, but they’ll be long gone should your roof fail again. They won’t be able to honor any kind of warranty on their services. A local roofer, on the other hand, won’t skip town with the job half-finished. A local roofer will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied because a roofer’s success depends on a good reputation in the community.

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